Pearl River County Schools

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Buck Branch Elementary School 304850N 0894514W
Covenant Christian Academy 303707N 0893915W
East Side Elementary School 303132N 0894014W
Gibson School (historical) 303432N 0893444W
Henleyfield School (historical) 304201N 0894606W
Hickory Grove School (historical) 305959N 0892434W
Industrial Elementary School (historical) 303444N 0894550W
Loyal School 305825N 0893238W
Lumpkin School (historical) 303611N 0893646W
Middle School of Poplarville 304959N 0893145W
Mill Creek School (historical) 304010N 0894208W
Nicholson Elementary School 302847N 0894128W
Pearl River Central High School 303730N 0893911W
Pearl River Central School 303728N 0893914W
Pearl River Central Upper Elementary School 303955N 0893817W
Pearl River Community College 305043N 0893239W
Penton School 303744N 0893959W
Picayune High School 303151N 0894115W
Picayune Junior High School 303156N 0894115W
Poplarville College (historical) Unknown Unknown
Poplarville Elementary School 305021N 0893211W
Poplarville High School 304958N 0893136W
Poplarville Junior High School 304955N 0893134W
Progress School 304837N 0892604W
Roseland Park Elementary School 303218N 0894003W
Salem School (historical) 303112N 0893601W
Sand Ridge School (historical) 305311N 0892126W
Savannah School (historical) 304415N 0892914W
Silver Run School (historical) 304351N 0892149W
Southside Elementary School 303119N 0894143W
Spring College (historical) Unknown Unknown
Steep Hollow School (historical) 304013N 0892554W
Stewart School 305527N 0894200W
Todd Memorial High School 305049N 0893135W
Union School 303023N 0894251W
Westside Elementary School 303144N 0894124W
White Sand School 304705N 0893951W
White Sand School 305030N 0893555W