Pearl River County Rivers, Lakes & Streams

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Name Latitude Longitude
Alec Prong 311025N 0893122W
Aaron Lake 305946N 0894344W
Alligator Branch 302717N 0894108W
Alligator Creek 304906N 0892642W
Anchor Lake 303729N 0893616W
Baughman Creek 305202N 0894521W
Baughman Lake 305242N 0894559W
Bay Branch 303147N 0893952W
Bayou La Terre 302440N 0892227W
Beaverdam Creek 305053N 0892820W
Bee Tree Brake 305310N 0892624W
Bell Creek 303326N 0891929W
Big Brake 304712N 0892517W
Big Branch 305503N 0893624W
Big Creek 304953N 0894654W
Big Swamp 304609N 0892330W
Billy Branch 305715N 0892056W
Black Creek 303532N 0894842W
Blacksnake Branch 303010N 0893340W
Blue Lake 305827N 0894332W
Boardpile Branch 303110N 0893355W
Boggy Branch 305718N 0893130W
Bonner Lake 304939N 0893047W
Buck Branch 304954N 0894611W
Buckley Creek 305113N 0894530W
Bushy Prong 305926N 0892534W
Car Lake 305036N 0894618W
Carrs Lake 304819N 0894732W
Catahoula Creek 302423N 0893003W
Catfish Lake 305531N 0892639W
Chinquapin Creek 304635N 0894722W
Cowpen Branch 304201N 0894058W
Cowpen Creek 304636N 0892410W
Crane Creek 303636N 0892042W
Cypress Creek 304425N 0893444W
Davis Branch 303108N 0893210W
Davis Creek 304512N 0892234W
Davis Lake 305104N 0894610W
Dead Tiger Creek 302429N 0893224W
Dry Creek 305735N 0892132W
Dutch Branch 303532N 0893809W
East Hobolochitto Creek 303236N 0894135W
Fish Lake 304325N 0894819W
Fords Creek 305650N 0894224W
Fornear Lake 305303N 0894546W
Fryes Creek 304919N 0892710W
Gator Lake 305023N 0894703W
George Branch 303428N 0894115W
George Lake 304143N 0894856W
Gilberts Lake 304056N 0892730W
Grandpa Brake 305235N 0892614W
Granny Branch 305621N 0892525W
Green Brake 305555N 0892935W
Gum Bayou 304012N 0894925W
Hamp Lake 304856N 0894726W
Happiness Lake 305601N 0892609W
Henry Brake 303840N 0894309W
Hickory Creek 305631N 0892041W
Hillsdale Lake 305451N 0892707W
Hog Branch 304636N 0894552W
Hogpen Branch 303634N 0894558W
Holiday Lake 304908N 0892103W
Horseshoe Lake 304418N 0894823W
Hurricane Creek 305439N 0891816W
Indian Camp Branch 302648N 0894007W
Jarrell Creek 303729N 0894855W
John Davis Brake 305603N 0892545W
John Henry Lake 305733N 0894357W
Jumpoff Creek 304334N 0893423W
Juniper Creek 304656N 0892225W
Kennedy Creek 304228N 0893939W
Lake David 303622N 0894426W
Lake Hide-A-Way 303357N 0893907W
Leslie Slough 303443N 0894718W
Little Hell Creek 305342N 0893803W
Long Branch 303645N 0894136W
Lotts Creek 303220N 0894544W
Lower Cameron Lake 305632N 0894410W
Lutens Branch 303643N 0893829W
Magnolia Lake 305050N 0893400W
Mars Slough 303541N 0894705W
Marsen Branch 303623N 0894128W
McCall River 302859N 0894238W
McGehee Creek 303813N 0894755W
Middle Creek 303953N 0894828W
Mill Branch 303829N 0894120W
Mill Creek 303854N 0894133W
Moody Branch 303525N 0894537W
Moody Lake 304211N 0894813W
Moran Creek 304016N 0893337W
Murder Creek 304543N 0892256W
Nances Lake 303303N 0894814W
Old Jail Lake 305042N 0894656W
Old Mud Swamp 303334N 0894624W
Old River 304720N 0894827W
Orvisburg Lake 305348N 0893104W
Parker Bayou 303458N 0894803W
Parker Creek 305806N 0892230W
Pearl River 301046N 0893134W
Pechochen Swamp 303627N 0894602W
Pen Branch 303930N 0892052W
Pendorvos Creek 303929N 0894119W
Pink Smith Branch 303942N 0894809W
Playground Branch 303347N 0893403W
Pole Creek 304003N 0894107W
Pool Lake 304317N 0894936W
Poplar Springs Branch 305046N 0892821W
Price Creek 303952N 0894114W
Rattlesnake Bay 303707N 0893840W
Red Creek 304146N 0884005W
Redfish Creek 304201N 0892518W
Riley Brake 303850N 0894355W
Rocky Creek 304004N 0894051W
Rough Wood Branch 304155N 0894248W
Round Lake 304747N 0894819W
Rowland Branch 304130N 0894229W
Savannah Branch 304536N 0892259W
Scrub Creek 305839N 0892410W
Second Alligator Branch 302643N 0894056W
Sheldon Creek 305150N 0892850W
Shrub Branch 302950N 0893323W
Silver Run 304337N 0892112W
Socias Lake 304058N 0894915W
Soloman Creek 303512N 0894532W
Spears Lake 304114N 0894830W
Spring Branch 305554N 0892934W
Springhead Branch 305549N 0892408W
Stanfield Creek 303702N 0893525W
Stringer Pond 305017N 0894635W
Ten Landing Lake 304136N 0894825W
Turkey Creek 304855N 0892225W
Twomile Creek 305707N 0893812W
Upper Cameron Lake 305642N 0894415W
Wash Creek 305721N 0892107W
Waterhole Brake 304515N 0892721W
West Hobolochitto Creek 303237N 0894136W
Wheat Swamp 303302N 0894630W
White Sand Creek 304807N 0893917W
Willis Slough 303643N 0894757W
Wise Lake 303915N 0894840W
Wolf Creek 305516N 0892949W
Wolf River 302126N 0891712W
Wolf River Ranch Lake 305519N 0892621W
Wooten Creek 304439N 0893859W